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Bible Study Tips and Resources

bible-1310889_640 I hope that last week’s post was an encouragement to devote yourself to Bible study. This week I’d like to share some helpful Bible study resources.

But first, a few tips that you might find useful.

  • Pray
  • Plan
  • Place
  • Persistence

∗Prayer is the first step to Bible study. First, pray about what God would like you to study. Watch and listen to what specific Bible study the Holy Spirit is guiding you to do.

∗Plan is about gathering what supplies will be needed. Where will you keep your Bible study book and any other items for the study? I would suggest that these things be kept in plain view at least until you have developed a solid habit of study. If your materials need to be portable you could put everything in a tote bag to carry with you. Planning is also needed to decide on a specific time each day that you will spend on the study. Establish a certain time because otherwise, it will be very difficult to develop consistent study.

∗Place is deciding on a certain spot that you will usually do your daily study. It should be somewhere that you are comfortable and undisturbed if possible. I like to be flexible about the place. If I can go outside for Bible study that’s an added plus for me.

∗Persistence is so very important. If you enthusiastically start your Bible study but then fail to finish for whatever reason, don’t give up Bible study! It is not easy to establish this wonderful practice of consistent study. Ask yourself some questions to find out how you can improve your experience. Was it the right study for you? Did you follow the tips – Pray-Plan-Place-Persistence?

∗Don’t add another P for Perfect to the list of tips. It’s not about doing everything perfectly or like someone else. The important thing about your study time is spending time with the King every day. Please don’t give up. It might be difficult to get the habit established but so very worthwhile.

Please click on the link below to go directly to the Bible study page. There is also a tab on the menu that goes to the Bible Study Page. This page is loaded with plenty of Bible study resources including the links and is kept updated with current information. I pray that you will explore and enjoy.

                         →   →   Bible Study Page


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