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Shopping is not a subject that comes up often on the blog. But today I want to introduce a new website page that is for online shopping.

Christian Books with Coffee

The links on the page will take you to my favorite online shopping place.

I have been a faithful customer for many years. Why? Let me give you a few reasons

  • best prices
  • huge selection
  • detailed information on books, music, and products
  • author index
  • the best search system
  • fantastic organization through specialty pages and categories

I could go on, but you get the idea.

Christian Books with Coffee page has direct links to the Christianbook Distributors website.

Visit the new FB page just for readers Christian Books with Coffee

The FB page is where you will find current special sales and bargains, information about new releases and selections available for pre-order. Follow Christian books with coffee on FB to see author interviews, book reviews, and everything that Christian book lovers enjoy 🙂

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I am pleased to tell you that this website is an Affiliate of The Christianbook Group


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