Psalm 37:4

This morning, I turned off my alarm and reached for my cell phone to quickly check the weather. I was surprised to find the BibleGateway app open showing a scripture verse. I know that when I closed my phone and put it on my nightstand there were no open apps and I haven’t even used this particular app in over a week. Today is October 20th and I believe the scripture was the verse of the day for the 19th.

Delight yourself also in the Lord,
And He shall give you the desires of your heart.

Psalm 37:4   NKJV

Psalm 37:4 is indeed familiar. I recognize it as a verse that people quote when making the ridiculous claim that God will grant your every desire like a genie. Awareness of this misuse may have resulted in my avoiding the verse altogether in the past.

Well, not anymore. When God literally drops a scripture before my eyes, I am eager to listen to what He is saying.

I intend to read, pray, ponder and dig to get every sweet morsel of this meal my Father has set before me.

Please consider today’s post an introduction and invitation to study the scripture along with me. Will you?

I don’t know what we might discover but let’s be adventurers together. adobe-spark-22

Read Psalm 37:1-4

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8 thoughts on “Psalm 37:4”

  1. I will definitely join you in studying that scripture. I often hear people as well quote it as a means to get whatever they want. I think that’s beautiful that you woke up to that scripture. I love when things like that happen. God is always speaking to us! Have a beautiful day! ~ Keishawna

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