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She Reads Truth Review

Book review for She Reads Truth                         img_20161103_091420

Authors:  Raechel Myers and Amanda Bible Williams

I received this book from B&H Publishing in exchange for an honest review. The opinions expressed here are completely my own.


This book is a double memoir of two amazing young women. I liked the beginning of the book and found my favorite parts in the first chapters. The authors show how the solid truth of God’s word is steady and unchanging through the ups and downs of life. Their experiences are shared to testify that  Jesus has been there for each of them time and time again.


Before the halfway point, I became a little disappointed in the book.  It is almost entirely a recounting of the author’s personal  life stories. I was looking for more information about the creation and growth of the online community She Reads Truth. Learning more about the birth and development of the community and Bible studies would be very interesting to me.


In conclusion, the book has one great focus and that is to lead readers of  She Reads Truth to the Bible. If you want to read the biographical accounts of these two women and experience the encouragement to join them in reading the truth found in God’s word then you might like to get the book. However, if you are expecting  chapters on the background of  She Reads Truth community and Bible studies, you might want to pass on this one.



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