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Steps to Victory

What do you do when trouble knocks on your door?

There is no doubt that difficulties will come into your life.

What is important is how you choose to respond.

Would you like to be prepared in advance?

Please read the following chapter from 2 Chronicles for a great plan.

2 Chronicles 20

This chapter contains a powerful formula, that if followed today, will produce the same results that it did for Jehoshaphat, so long ago. This chapter shows us the steps to conquer problems, and enable us to live in victory with joy!

Note: To respond as Jehoshaphat did, we need to be choosing to spend time alone with God on a daily basis. Walking and talking with the King needs to be our way of life.

Follow Jehoshaphat’s steps to victory

  1. Seek the Lord.  (prayer and fasting)   verse 3
  2. Stand on the Word of God. Hold onto the promises and remember what God has done before.   verses 6-9
  3. Give the whole problem to God. Depending on Him completely. (submitting to God’s will, trusting in the Lord)   verses 10-13
  4.  Listen to God. Respond to His instructions.   verses 15-20
  5. Praise the Lord. (while people are praising, God is moving)  verses 21-22
  6. See what God has done. Rejoice!  verses 26-28
  7. The power of God becomes known by others.  verse 29

These are steps that I found while studying the chapter. I remind myself of them when difficulties come my way. I pray that you will find it helpful also. I am very certain that you will discover more treasure in the chapter if you study and pray to see. Please take a moment to comment below. I would love to read what God shows you.


Lynn 🙂


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