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Just when I thought the days of Christian magazines were over, self-publishing came to the rescue. I have discovered a magazine that is serious and refreshing. It does Not contain pages of light, fluffy, cutesy stuff.

The magazine is Memoirs of a Virtuous Woman. It is available in both print and digital.

I love the fact that each issue has a theme.

Issue #1 “Fruitful”

Issue #2 “Restoration”

Issue #3 “Contentment”

Website Memoirs of a Virtuous Woman

MVW also has a free app. Download from the App Store or Google Play.

So who is behind Memoirs of a Virtuous Woman?

I was so thrilled with the quality of the magazine that I asked if I could interview the Founder.

She said yes!

Read the interview below

Meet Danielle Wallace, Founder, and Editor of Memoirs of a Virtuous Woman

How did you know that God wanted you to publish a magazine?

Danielle:  I love words and more importantly, I have a passion for Christ! I majored in Broadcast Journalism at Troy University and published my first book “Her Poetic Cinema of Life” during my senior year. Before that, as a child you could find me in my room, writing in journals, reading my Bible, flipping through magazines, tons of other books or even pretending to have my own little radio show – that explains why I’m a news reporter today. Stringing words together has always come natural to me and learning more about God’s word has always been instilled in me by my parents so constantly doing something in the area of writing excites me.

For Memoirs of a Virtuous Woman, I saw that the online content was constantly growing and women were expressing how grateful they were for it’s content. After praying about it, I moved forward with the magazine incorporating more articles with a theme for each issue and interviews with influential women.

How do you choose the theme for each issue?
Danielle:  For each issue, I think about things that women are facing right now and how the words from others can help them get through those situations. I keep a running list of ideas that come to mind whether it’s from conversations with others or from surveys I provide to email subscribers. The next issue, in particular, set for July is surrounding “healing from past wounds.” I’ve had quite a few requests from women to touch on this topic.
What has been the best part of this publishing adventure?
Danielle:  The best part is reading how Christ is changing women from all over the world. While editing can be a lot, it’s worth it! I learn so much from ladies that are contributing writers. While I was born and raised in southern Alabama, it’s refreshing to hear how women from Nigeria or London are making a difference in their own community or how Christ is continually molding them.
You have the website, magazine, and app, What is next for MVW?

Danielle:  Memoirs of a Virtuous Woman has certainly evolved since it’s first blog post in 2013, that was simply written to share my thoughts during a dry season in my life. I was desiring to encourage other young women. It didn’t matter if it was only one. The community has grown to over a thousand email subscribers that I’m very thankful for. My goal is to eventually incorporate an outreach part of “Memoirs of a Virtuous Woman.” While reading the journeys of these women online weekly and in print quarterly is great. I believe more women would benefit greatly with face-to-face fellowship in Bible studies and community service projects.  Memoirs of a Virtuous Woman sticks to the motto “The Proverbs 31 Women of Today are the Titus 2 Women of Tomorrow.” That’s something I would like for these women to truly experience together-younger women learning from our older women, to in turn teach another generation to walk the narrow path. It’s a cycle that I believe is imperative in the society we live in today.

 What a pleasure it has been to interview Danielle Wallace

Founder and Editorial Director ~ Memoirs of a Virtuous Woman

Website ~ Memoirs of a Virtuous Woman

Memoirs of a Virtuous Woman Issue #3 print and digital
Visit the website and get your magazine!
  • Print
  • digital
  • or both









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