Adventure with Jesus

If you missed it, please take a quick moment to read the last post, Constant Prayer.

That post was basically an introduction to the subject of living in the awareness of Jesus being actually present with you. You might call it God-awareness or the practice of the presence or something else but regardless of what you call this lifestyle, it is key to the abiding life with Christ.

I plan to publish a post soon on practical steps to help with living in the awareness.

But today I want to share a little about one of the results of this style of living.

If you like to study the Bible you probably have experienced the reward of learning something new and found it to be at least a satisfying experience. If you don’t enjoy digging into the scriptures then you might say Bible study is hard or boring…

Living aware causes reading the Bible to be completely different.

When you know you are with Jesus, who is the Living Word and you explore the written Word together, He will open your eyes to see!

Living aware leads to times of Bible reading/study becoming a breath taking experience. There are times that I feel like I’ve been transported into a treasure room through a scripture passage. Wow, does anybody else know what I am describing?

This scene from National Treasure is something like the feeling I am talking about. Exciting, adventure, mystery, treasure, this is what happens when you go with Jesus!

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