Are you ready for the new year?

Plans, resolutions, goals… It can seem a little overwhelming.

Maybe you’ve experienced beginning a new year with a goal to improve some area in your life, only to give up in a few weeks. I know the feeling ūüė¶

I am not one to easily give up if I truly desire to do something. That is why I developed a process to help myself and others reach goals successfully.

What do you want to change or add to your life in 2018?

Please keep reading to find help for reaching your goals.

Step 1          Discovery

Pause to think and pray.

Grab a notebook and pen. Ask yourself a few questions. Write down your answers and any other thoughts you have about improving your life in the coming year.

  • Is God prompting me to make any changes?
  • What has been missing in my life¬†that I could add for the new year?
  • What needs be decreased or eliminated from my life?
  • What are the causes of stress in my life?

Step 2          Decision

You have completed step 1 and now know what needs to change in your life. This leads to a pivotal¬†point in the¬†process. Knowing is worthless unless you wholeheartedly desire to make the change. How much do you want to change things? I can’t over-emphasize the importance of your complete commitment to making the change.

Step 3        Declaration

You’ve gone through discovery and made a decision. Now it’s time to nail it down.

  • List your goals
  • Write out a declaration of change in your notebook
  • Share your commitment with someone

Once you have completed the steps above, you are ready to start the exciting part.

Time to make a plan and prepare. I hope you like to plan because it is absolutely necessary. Preparing can be exciting and fun. It also needs to be practical.

Prepare to succeed 

  • Planning
  • Write it down

Start writing down everything that comes to mind concerning actions for your desired changes. Your plans need to be on paper.arm-1284248_640

Would you like to share your goals? If so, please leave a comment below. I would love to hear from you.

My goals are about improving my physical fitness in 2018.

Let’s prepare for a great year together.



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