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His Plan

Summer of Prayer Series

The Lord’s prayer found in Matthew 6:9-13 can be used as a literal prayer to say alone or in a group. It is also clearly an outline, guide, and pattern of prayer to be used.

This is the prayer Jesus gave as an example of how to pray.

The Lord's Prayer (1)

One thing has been standing out to me recently in this prayer. Notice that the main focus of this prayer is on God and the desire for His will to be fully accomplished now and always.

Prayer is not a listing of needs, requests, desires, concerns, problems or plans. We are not to be finding a place for God to fit into our agenda. The truth is that He is allowing us a place in His plans and purposes. Doesn’t the joy of being included in God’s plans seem more desirable anyway?


Earlier this week I happened to watch an interview with an author whose book is on my to-read list. Link to the show is at the bottom of this post.

Something she shared really got my attention and deeply resonates with me. She was mentioning her time spent in prayer concerning a very serious situation.

I was literally on my knees in prayer on the floor asking God to intervene to make this possible He said, “Michele, I’m not doing you a favor. This is My project.”
I realized in that moment, we were just tools and this was His will and it was going to be done and we just needed to get behind it. So to watch Him move like that was pretty incredible.      – Michele Rigby Asaad

It changes our approach to prayer completely when we see this. 

Watch Michele Rigby Asaad on the Life Today Show for the entire interview

His Plan




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