Psalm 119

We are beginning week 3 of scripture writing on the topic of God’s Word.

As you open your Bible to Psalm 119, I hope you will choose to spend plenty of time in this beautiful Psalm. We could have based the entire two month long scripture writing plan on this one Psalm. Please consider writing out more verses from Psalm 119 than what are listed on the plan.

The entire purpose of Psalm 119 is to show the value and greatness of God’s word. It is not only the longest chapter in the book of Psalms but the longest chapter in the entire Bible. Here you will find different words used to refer to God’s word. In the particular translation I am reading (NKJV), I find many different words for God’s word. Here are some of the words.

  • statutes
  • precepts
  • commandments
  • testimonies
  • way

What words do you find for God’s word?

Plan to spend time this week and beyond in this amazing Psalm. Perhaps read it in more than one translation, select some words to do a word study, meditate on the verses and let it guide you in prayer.

The longest chapter in the Bible is proclaiming the greatness of God’s word!

How does that change your perspective on spending time in God’s word and scripture writing.

Open my eyes that I might see wondrous things from Your law.   
~Psalm 119:18

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