Fellowship of Joy

Fellowship of Joy

Are you reading and writing chapter 2 of Philippians this week? I’m wondering if you are amazed at how relevant Paul’s writing is for us today. 

In the last blog post there was a list of subjects to find in Philippians. I’ve included these subjects in the list below and also added a few more. But of course you are probably finding even more to add to this list. 

In no particular order:

  • encouragement
  • hope
  • joy
  • peace
  • contentment
  • thankfulness
  • courage
  • suffering
  • unity
  • thanksgiving
  • confidence
  • mind of Christ
  • strength of Christ
  • humility 
  • prayer
  • love
  • fellowship

Let’s focus in on the last word on the list today. A strong theme of fellowship is found all through out Paul’s writing but especially in Philippians.

We need to make sure we understand the meaning of the word.

The word that Paul uses is the Greek word Koinōnia. This word does translate to English as fellowship. However it is not the type of fellowship that usually comes to mind. It’s not about a group of people simply meeting together to have a meal and conversation…

Notice similar words like partnership, share, and participation sprinkled around the chapters of Philippians. These and other words you might notice are related to the idea of fellowship.

Check out Blue Letter Bible for deeper study and understanding. Also see the Bible Study Page for more resources.

Paul talks about a fellowship with Christ and points out the fellowship of suffering. Paul also includes fellowship of the Spirit.

An almost constant theme is the fellowship of believers. This fellowship is about a united purpose of sharing the gospel.

The fellowship of believers is a strong bonding together for a united purpose. That purpose is sharing the gospel and all that involves. It’s an all consuming mission, a great adventure, complete with risks, dangers and the unknown.

Think of Tolkien’s The Fellowship of the Ring

Despite the suffering and hardships there is a continuous unstoppable JOY. How many times does Paul say rejoice? I know if you are reading along with us you are seeing the joy of Philippians.

Are you part of the Fellowship of Joy?

A song from a few decades ago comes to mind. Please listen and sing along today! 

The Mission – Steve Green

Fellowship of joy Pin

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