I try to appreciate the special gifts each season of the year brings.

Winter offers such a perfect setting for reading by the fire, sipping hot chocolate, enjoying the quiet beauty of falling snow and accepting the invitation to simply rest.

But this Winter seems never ending!

As I write, we are preparing for another ice storm expected to come this way in a few hours. Much of the United States is experiencing record cold, snow, and ice this month.

We feel trapped by lingering ice and Pandemic.

The seed catalogs have been arriving for a while now and my email has offers for gardening products. These are a welcome reminder that the Spring will come again! The last weeks of Winter that seem so dreary can be a grand time of planning! And isn’t planning a fantastic activity? Well, I understand that not all will answer yes to that question. But I dearly love the process of planning. It’s hope, anticipation and wonderfully energizing. 


I challenge you to choose

  • a project
  • an activity
  • something…

 Then enjoy planning!

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