2021 Bible reading plan

March Reading Plan

This time last week we were preparing for a second ice storm here in Virginia.

See blog post from last week – Winter

Today the temperature is expected to reach 67 degrees! 

We are quickly approaching the end of February.  I know I’m very ready to welcome warmer weather. Can’t wait to get outside this afternoon and go walking. I’ll be on the lookout for any signs of Spring.

The end of February also means it’s time to think about the Bible reading plan for March.

Your Read the New Testament in 2021 Plan for March is ready. You can download your free copy of the plan and print it out today. Also feel free to share with anyone else that you think would like to follow the plan. 

If you have not been following the reading plan, this would be a perfect time to begin. Download the March plan and read along. Don’t worry about going back and reading what you’ve missed. This plan is designed to be started at any point along the way. One special feature of this plan allows reading the gospels through the year instead of reading them one after the other.

Read the original post about the 2021 plan here –Bible Reading Plan 

The plan for March includes finishing the book of Acts and then reading all of Galatians and Ephesians. The optional weekend readings are from Proverbs. I think you will find that Galatians and Ephesians are excellent to read as we near Easter.

Note: Easter is on April 4th this year. The April reading plan begins with Colossians and then onto Mark. 

The download for March includes two pages. The second page is the overview-introduction page for the year of Read the New Testament in 2021. As always the plan involves reading only one chapter each day.

Click on the link below to instantly access the March Reading Plan.

March 2021

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