2021 Bible reading plan

May Bible Reading Plan

Intoducing Romans

Today we read the last chapter of the gospel of Mark. If you missed the last post, be sure to read it here – Mark Chapter 16

We’ll begin reading the book of Romans tomorrow, Thursday April 29th. Romans chapter 2 is for Friday. Then we will be ready for the May Reading Plan. 

The 2021 Bible Reading Plan for May is ready now. You can download and print it out anytime.

We will be reading one chapter of Romans each weekday from May 3rd-20th. After Romans we will be in 1 and 2 Thessalonians. 

The selected weekend readings are Psalms. Of course the weekend is perfect for catching up if you missed any weekday chapters. 

There are so many verses in Romans to choose for memory. The entire plan of salvation is explained. Paul lays out the facts and explains details. Here we find the how and why of salvation and how to live this new life. 

If you are just now joining us in the Reading Plan you’ve arrived at a perfect time. Romans is a great place to start. 

BibleProject has a short video that gives an overview of the first 4 chapters of Romans. 

There is also a second video on chapters 5-16.

The videos basically provide an overview and outline of the entire book of Romans.

If you are a visual learner you may find watching these videos especially helpful.

See both videos below.


 2021 Bible Reading Plan for May is ready. 

Please go ahead and download your Free copy.

Download, print and keep near your Bible. 

Download Your Copy of the May Reading Plan today!

May Bible Reading Plan

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