2021 Bible reading plan

September Bible Reading Plan

September is a month of change.

It offers the last days of Summer, early signs of Fall, and back to school. 

Sadly, it doesn’t look like September will bring an end to the days of Pandemic.  

I know most of us are longing for a return to normal, as in before Covid-19. 

When will that be? Will there ever be “normal” again? 

When will the news be good?

We don’t know the answers but we can know the One Who does.

No matter what the coming days hold we can fully depend on God. 

Let’s make sure that spending time reading the Bible is a top priority in September.

The Bible reading plan for September is ready now.

Simply go to the 2021 Bible Reading Plan Page and download your FREE copy today.

Print, put near your Bible and read along one chapter each day in September. 

We will begin the month by finishing 2 Timothy and then go to Titus and Philemon. The plan is to read 2 chapters on September 7th. This is the only day of the year that we are reading more than one chapter. Next we will be spending four days in Philippians. For the rest of month we will be reading all of Hebrews. The optional weekend chapters are Proverbs 1-8 for September. 

I hope you will be joining us as we continue to read through the New Testament in 2021. It’s never too late to join. There is no sign up or anything you need to do for access to the reading plans. 

FREE plans are available now.

So go ahead and grab yours – 2021 Bible Reading Plan Page

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