Corrie ten Boom

Embroidery Lesson – Corrie ten Boom

When Corrie ten Boom spoke to audiences, she would sometimes hold up the backside of a piece of embroidery with many colors of tangled threads hanging from it. People wondered if she was accidentally showing the wrong side. While holding up the messy side, Corrie would ask “Does God always grant us what we ask for in prayers? Not always. Sometimes He says ‘No’. That is because God knows what we do not know. Look at this piece of embroidery. The wrong side is chaos. But look at the beautiful picture on the other side – the right side.”  Then she would flip the cloth over to reveal an elaborately embroidered crown – symbolizing our crown of eternal life. The crown was stitched with threads of many colors, including gold, silver, and pearls. Corrie would conclude her embroidery lesson by saying “We see now the wrong side; God sees His side all the time. One day we shall see the embroidery from His side, and thank Him for every answered and unanswered prayer.”

“Although the threads of my life have often seemed knotted, I know, by faith, that on the other side of the embroidery there is a crown”
~ Corrie ten Boom

Ten Boom Museum Website

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