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The Last Bookshop in London

Book       The Last Bookshop in London

Author    Madeline Martin

Publisher   Hanover Square Press


August 1939: London prepares for war as Hitler’s forces sweep across Europe. Grace Bennett has always dreamed of moving to the city, but the bunkers and blackout curtains that she finds on her arrival were not what she expected. And she certainly never imagined she’d wind up working at Primrose Hill, a dusty old bookshop nestled in the heart of London.

I love historical fiction and I often read books set in the time of World War II. Now when you add a bookshop, you certainly have my attention. So when I started reading The Last Bookshop in London I expected an enjoyable read. But what I experienced was so much more! 

This book is an inspiring story about the perseverance, courage, compassion, and sacrifice of the people who endured the Blitz. It is also very much a story about the value of books and the amazing power of reading. The love of reading is highlighted in multiple ways through the pages of this book. I believe this story could reawaken your desire for reading if it has been lacking. 

To enhance your reading experience I would strongly suggest choosing a physical book instead of an ebook. Also, make sure to have tea on hand because you will find yourself wanting a cup or a few as you turn the pages.

I absolutely love The Last Bookshop in London

I will be on the lookout for more historical fiction from Madeline Martin in the future. 

Have you read this book?

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