2021 Bible reading plan

December Bible Reading Plan

Well here we are about to begin our last month of the Read the New Testament in 2021 Bible Reading Plan! We’ve journeyed through the New Testament this year by reading one chapter each day. I hope it’s been a good experience for those of you who have followed along. If you have not been reading with us so far you might want to jump in for this last month. In December, we are reading my favorite part of the New Testament and perhaps yours too. We will be reading the Gospel of John. Weekend optional reading selections are from Proverbs and Psalms. I think you’ll find John is a good place to be during the Advent Season. 

Visit the Bible Reading Plan Page and scroll to the bottom of the page where you will find the December Reading Plan. Click- Download – Print – Read

Download your FREE copy here – 2021 Bible Reading Plan

Bible Reading Tip for the Gospel of John 

Look for a blog post soon about the word BELIEVE

In the meantime please grab your December reading plan and do join us for John.

As always the bible reading plans are free and you are welcome to share with others.

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