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The Gospel Of Advent

What are you reading for Advent this year?

Often I choose to return to an Advent devotional that I have read before. But not this year. 

When I received my copy of Christianity Today magazine for December it included a surprise. Along with the magazine was a book – The Gospel Of Advent Devotional Readings from Christianity Today

This little book
has become
my early morning
coffee companion.

blog post image (1)

There is a different focus/theme for each week of Advent

Week 1 –  Christ’s Return & Eternal Reign

Week 2 – Sin & Redemption

Week 3 – Sacrifice & Salvation

Week 4 – Incarnation & Nativity

The devotions were written by fourteen different contributors.

If you have a subscription to Christianity Today magazine you received a copy of this Advent devotional book.

If you do not have the book and you would like to learn more about it, read the devotions or even download a PDF copy visit – Christianity Today – Gospel Of Advent

What are you reading for Advent for this year?
Please share in the comment section below.

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