Binge Read The Bible

Have you ever read through the entire Bible quickly? By quickly I mean binge reading in a few weeks or a couple of months. I do not mean reading the Bible in a year.

Perhaps you have experienced binge-reading books or binge-watching a television series. Let’s think about that for a minute and then come back to the Bible.

When a new book of a series is released many of the devoted series readers will read all the books of the series again before reading the new one. This is especially likely when the last book of a long series is about to be released. 

WHY?  Why do readers do this?

This is their preparation for reading the new book. If they have just finished reading the books they will- 

  • have the story fresh in their mind   
  • be able to follow the plot and characters
  • be able to see the whole complete story
  • make all the connections that may have been weaved in since the very first book

The same reasons are true for watching a television series.

Do you usually think of the Bible as one very long book or a group of random books gathered in one volume? Let me suggest thinking of it more like a long book series best read in order over a short period of time in order to see the whole story. You will definitely see some things differently when reading in a short time period. 

My Experience Binge-Reading the Old Testament

Last year I was reading the New Testament along with many of you who joined me for the 2021 reading plan. A couple of articles came my way in the course of the year that started me thinking about reading the entire Bible quickly. Soon after reading these, I became very impressed to give it a go! 

I knew if I was going to do this I would certainly want to read in chronological order. I also knew I would be reading many more pages a day than I am used to reading. So this led me to find an old favorite Bible of mine that was in my closet. It is The Daily Bible that was published about 30 years ago. It is a chronological Bible with a soft cover so I selected it for my quick read of the Bible in the older NIV translation perfect for binge reading.

Because I had recently read the entire New Testament and had been in the New Testament each day of 2021, I chose to read only the Old Testament for my first binge reading experience. 

Once I knew what Bible I would be using it was time to do a little math. I figured out how many pages a day to read to finish the entire Old Testament in 40 days. 

I started reading and soon found it was not difficult at all to read a large portion each day. Some days I even read more than I needed to in order to stay on schedule. There were also a few days when I read less. I had to guard against letting myself get sidetracked into study instead of reading. I kept an index card as my bookmark and jotted down things I would like to study later. This really helped me stay focused on simply reading and not lingering in certain areas of special interest. I surprised myself by finishing the Old Testament in only 38 days! I am very glad I read this way and will do it again. It is so different to read it all at once as a continuing story. 

I hope you might consider a quick read of the Bible. You will be surprised at what you will see. Also if you are very familiar with the New Testament but not the Old, you might want to just read through the Old Testament in this way. It truly is a rewarding experience. 

Let me leave you with links to a couple of articles I read that inspired me to binge read the Bible. 

Read the Bible in 90 days

Philip Yancey article

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