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The Kitchen Healer Book Review

Book           The Kitchen Healer 

Author        Jules Blaine Davis

I started reading this book expecting to find recipes and information on the natural healing that can be found in eating good food. However, it is actually a cookbook, self-help book, memoir, kitchen decor, and motivational book. The Kitchen Healer is about simple natural living. However, I found it odd that some of the recipes were not what I would describe as very healthy. I would have expected the author to be vegan or at least vegetarian but the first recipe is chicken vegetable soup and there is plenty of butter and fat to find on later pages.

The author often dwells on topics like exploring your childhood memories connected to food… trauma, stress.. analysis of your feelings… to help you be free to love and accept yourself…She attempts to take you on a journey to becoming you.

For anyone who already enjoys being in the kitchen and loves cooking there is not anything very helpful in The Kitchen Healer. But for someone who has not yet found the healing art of cooking, the book might give a nudge to discover something wonderful waiting in the kitchen.

This book is not my cup of tea but it might be yours. I would suggest reading other reviews to get a better idea before deciding if you want to read The Kitchen Healer by Jules Blaine Davis.

It is always a good idea to visit the author’s website. For some reason, I did not do this before reading The Kitchen Healer.


Jules Blaine Davis is a kitchen healer, a TED speaker and one of Goop’s leading experts on women’s healing. She is on a fierce journey to spread permission, freedom, beauty and LOVE like wildfire all over our phenomenal lives, in and out of the kitchen.

Over the last fifteen years in private practice, leading retreats and gathering circles of women in the kitchen and around the fire, she has cooked up a movement inside a forever conversation inspiring women to nourish their deepest lives in the day to day.

Jules has been called “the midwife to life” encouraging women to live the life that is right here, right now. She is a pioneer, breaking open a new genre of healing that integrates the kitchen as a safe place to grieve, to cook, to breathe, to move, to BE and to rebirth ourselves inside the same place that shaped us.

Visit –

I want to thank NetGalley for providing me with a copy of this book in exchange for a review. All opinions are my own.

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