Comfort and Strength

Do you ever pray asking God for comfort or strength? I notice that when I pray for someone who needs comfort I often find myself asking God to also give them strength. The topic of strength and comfort from God are found all through the Bible from Genesis to Revelation.

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Comfort and Strength

Are comfort and strength related and if so how?

Yes, comfort and strength are actually connected. This could be why we often think of the two words together.

The English word Comfort is from Latin confortare “to strengthen greatly”, a derivative of fortis “strong

Read the following quote from Amy Carmichael

“The word comfort is from two Latin words meaning “with” and “strong” –

He is with us to make us strong. Comfort is not soft, weakening commiseration;

it is true, strengthening love.

He hath never failed thee yet. Never will His love forget.

O fret not thyself nor let Thy heart be troubled, Neither let it be afraid.”

-Amy Carmichael

We all need the true comfort, strength and love that God gives!

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