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Embracing Trust

Book Review for: Embracing Trust

Author: Joanna Weaver

Publisher: Revell

Joanna Weaver is best known for her book Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World, which has sold more than one million copies. When I heard she was writing a book about trusting God, I knew it belonged on my to-read list. I joined the launch team and have loved being included in the exciting process of introducing a new book to readers.

The full title of the book is – Embracing Trust The Art of Letting Go and Holding On to a Forever-Faithful God

The book also includes a 10-week bible study

I was eager to give this book my full attention as soon as I read Joanna’s introduction!

More than ever, I’m convinced that trusting God is the key to a victorious Christian life. Just as we trusted Jesus for our salvation , we need to trust Him for our transformation— and everything else in our lives!

-Joanna Weaver (from Embracing Trust Page 14)

Do you need or want to read a book about trusting God?

So many common struggles we all experience such as worry, fear, disappointment, and frustration are actually caused by trust issues.

This book goes deep into the study of trust and leads the reader on a challenging life-changing journey. It is a practical scripture-based book to read on your own and also ideal for a group to read and study together. I highly recommend this book! I had high expectations for Embracing God but my expectations were far exceeded!

The Greek word for “faith”— pistis—is used 243 times in the New Testament. It can be translated “trust” as well as “belief.” I find that helpful to remember, because the word faith has always felt a little ethereal to me, a bit hard to grasp. Oh, I know I’ve been raised in the faith, and I know I’ve been saved by faith. And I know I need to live out my faith by being obedient to God’s Word. But how to activate my faith so I rely solely on Jesus? Well, that’s where I sometimes struggle. It helps me to think about it like this: Faith is a noun, but trust is a verb. Faith is something I have, but trust is something I do. It’s a choice, an active decision. I know when I’m trusting God and I know when I’m not.

– Joanna Weaver (from Embracing Trust)

Here is the link to Joanna’s Podcast from August 10th. Listen as she reads the introduction and first chapter of Embracing Trust

Visit Joanna Weaver –

Learn more about the book –

Suggestions for reading Embracing Trust The Art of Letting Go and Holding On to a Forever-Faithful God

  • Pray and ask God to teach you as you read and study
  • Read slowly
  • Use a highlighter, pencil and/or sticky notes to mark special parts
  • Take notes
  • Keep your Bible nearby to look up scriptures
  • Share with a friend

Joanna, thank you for writing this important book and sharing the lessons God has taught you! 💐

Thanks to NetGalley for providing the ARC of this book

Thank you Christianaudio for the audiobook

I would like to thank Revell, a division of Baker Publishing Group for providing a copy of this book.

All opinions are my own. 

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