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Christmas Changes Everything

Book Review

Title: Christmas Changes Everything: How the birth of Jesus Brings Hope to the World

Author:  Elisa Morgan

Publisher: Our Daily Bread Publishing

Christmas Changes Everything: How the birth of Jesus Brings Hope to the World is an invitation to visit with Mary, Joseph, Zechariah, Elizabeth, the shepherds, Simeon, Anna, the Magi, and Herod. It is an opportunity to look at the events surrounding the birth of Jesus from very different perspectives.

Mary’s yeses were not blind submission, and they certainly were not her only response. She likely said yes while also asking ,What? And yes while simultaneously asking Why? How? Hers was not an easy journey. She wasn’t gifted with unconditional trust or instantaneous understanding that none of the rest of us have access to. Rather, we see a layered learning. Mary’s first terror-struck yielding was followed by another and another. Gradually, her yeses string together into a lifetime of agreement with the purposes of God.

from Mary’s Story Chapter One – Christmas Changes Everything

The Chapters

  • Mary’s Story Chapter One: Accept 
  • Joseph’s Story Chapter Two: Yield
  • Zechariah’s Story Chapter Three: Believe 
  • Elizabeth’s Story Chapter Four: Rejoice 
  • The Shepherds’ Story Chapter Five: Share 
  • Simeon’s Story Chapter Six: Wait 
  • Anna’s Story Chapter Seven: Worship
  • The Magi’s Story Chapter Eight: Seek
  • Herod’s Story Chapter Nine: Learn
  • Our Stories Chapter Ten: Welcome

Each chapter contains the following sections:

  • Scripture
  • Personal story
  • About the Biblical character
  • How Christmas changed them
  • How Christmas can change us
  • Change Point – question for you

My Thoughts

I like the way the chapters are organized into the above sections. This enhances the reading experience and also could be an added help for discussion in a group setting.

I enjoyed reading each chapter of Christmas Changes Everything and often used my highlighter. The chapters about Mary, the shepherds, and Anna are my favorites.

Each chapter moves the reader closer to the conclusion that indeed Christmas does change everything! Reading this book will prompt you to think about your own response to the birth of Jesus. 

Christmas Changes Everything: How the birth of Jesus Brings Hope to the World is a book to consider reading in the days approaching Christmas. Perfect to read during Advent but it would certainly also be good to read any time of the year. 

The very first Christmas changed everything. And because Christmas isn’t over, it can continue to change everything when we welcome the gift of Jesus in our lives. When we Accept, like Mary. Yield, like Joseph. Believe, like Zechariah. Rejoice, like Elizabeth. Share, like the shepherds. Wait, like Simeon. Worship, like Anna. Seek, like the Magi. Learn, unlike Herod.

from the Afterword Christmas isn’t overChristmas Changes Everything

About the Author

Elisa Morgan was named by Christianity Today as one of the top fifty women influencing today’s church and culture and is one of today’s most sought-after authors, speakers, and leaders. She speaks internationally to all audiences on a myriad of topics. She has authored more than twenty-five books.

ElisaVisit her website – Elisa Morgan

About the Publisher

The goal of Our Daily Bread Publishing is to publish books that foster growth and godliness in the lives of God’s people. That was part of our founding vision, and we want it to be true of each new release that we offer. We try to provide you with materials that focus on Scripture, that show reverence for God and His Word, that demonstrate the relevance of vibrant faith, and that equip and encourage you in your life every day.

Visit and Shop – Our Daily Bread Publishing

This is the second book that I have read and reviewed from Our Daily Bread Publishing. Read my other review here – Refresh Your Prayers

I would like to thank NetGalley and the publisher for providing me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

Christmas changes everything book review

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