The Promised One

Are you using the December Scripture Plan?

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you need to go see the last blog post and download your free copy now – Scripture Plan for December 2022 Then come back and read this post.

What are you reading during Advent this year?

I’m starting my mornings with The Promised One, a devotional provided by Christianity Today magazine. If you have a subscription to Christianity Today you received a copy of this Advent devotional book. If not you can still obtain a digital copy from the website.

The Promised One Advent Readings from Christianity Today 2022  

This Advent devotional explores what Scripture tells us about Jesus, the Promised One. Each daily reading ends with suggested Scripture passages for reflection along with discussion questions. It can be used for personal or group study. 

Four weekly themes center around core aspects of Jesus’ identity found in Isaiah’s prophecies.

Focus/theme for each week of Advent

Week 1 –  Jesus is the Mighty God 

Week 2 – Jesus is the Prince of Peace

Week 3 – Jesus is the Light of the World

Week 4 – Jesus is Immanuel

Here is a short snippet from a devotion in week 2 which is about the Peace that comes from Jesus. See Isaiah 35

The Hebrew word that Isaiah uses to describe the peace that the Promised One will bring is shalom. It’s a beautiful word that conveys wholeness, harmony, and health… This ultimate shalom, Isaiah tells us, is our future. But there’s even more to it than that… Because the Prince of Peace gives us His Spirit, we are called to be “people from the future”- people who practice shalom here and now.

Excerpt from The Promised One (December 5 devotion) by Carolyn Arends

The daily devotions were written by different contributors and information about each one is found at the end of the book. Also at the end are additional devotional readings for Christmas Day and Epiphany as well as family and group discussion questions and activities.

Learn more, read The Promised One online, or purchase digital copies by visiting – Christianity Today

Read my review of last year’s Advent devotional – The Gospel of Advent

Please comment below and share what you are reading during Advent 2022 🎄

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