Sorrow of the Season

As we go through the December days and the 25th draws closer many of us find ourselves experiencing a mixture of emotions. Yes, it’s a time of joy but also sadness. Christmas can be difficult and challenging for many reasons. These days can be filled with sorrow, loneliness, and pain. Some have recently suffered a great loss and some are overwhelmed by various difficulties at this particular time. Many are missing loved ones more in this season than at any other time of the year. Grief is amplified in this time and often overtakes a person in unexpected moments.

Is this Christmas hard for you?

If this is a painful season for you, don’t think that you must put on an artificial smile and act as if you are fine. Remember many others are also feeling like you. Consider being honest with a friend, neighbor, co-worker, or loved one and you may find help and comfort for your heart.

Please know that it is completely normal to not be okay. After all when we look around at all the suffering in our world, how can we really be okay?

There is a sad longing during Advent because it is a time of looking forward to the soon but not-yet return of The KING. A mixture of sadness and hopeful anticipation are all tangled together at this time.

Jesus came,

He is with us now,

and He is returning.

Be Aware of those who are hurting

May God give us awareness of those around us who are struggling this Christmas. Let’s notice others and love them. Slow down, and pay attention. Look for those Jesus wants to reach out to through your hands. Be thankful for the opportunity and you may be surprised to discover the true meaning of the season.

Thank God, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, that he is our Father and the source of all mercy and comfort. For he gives us comfort in our trials so that we in turn may be able to give the same sort of strong sympathy to others in theirs. Indeed, experience shows that the more we share Christ’s suffering the more we are able to give of his encouragement. This means that if we experience trouble we can pass on to you comfort and spiritual help; for if we ourselves have been comforted we know how to encourage you to endure patiently the same sort of troubles that we have ourselves endured. We are quite confident that if you have to suffer troubles as we have done, then, like us, you will find the comfort and encouragement of God.

– 2 Corinthians 1:4-7    J.B. Phillips

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