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Bible Reading Plans for 2023

We are only a few days away from the new year. If you have followed this blog through the years you might know what I want to talk about as we come to the end of 2022. That’s right, I want to focus on Bible reading plans for 2023.

I hope you already know that it is important to spend time in God’s Word daily. That’s why having a plan is necessary.

Visit many good books, but live in the Bible! All human books grow stale after a time—but with the Word of God the desire to study it increases, while the more you know of it the less you think you know. The Book grows upon you! As you dive into its depths you have a fuller perception of the infinity which remains to be explored. You are still sighing to enjoy more of that which it is your bliss to taste.

– Charles Spurgeon

Choosing a Bible Reading Plan

The purpose of this post is to help you find a Bible reading plan for 2023. There are many plans available. Actually, there are so many plans that it can become overwhelming. It helps to narrow down the choices by asking a few questions.

Questions for you

Do you want to read:

  • daily
  • in chronological order
  • Old Testament only
  • New Testament only
  • the entire Bible in one year

Once you have decided on some specifics about the type of reading plan you would like to use you are ready to look at the options.

Bibles for Yearly Reading

A simple choice is to use a Bible designed for reading in a year.

The One Year Bible from Tyndale has daily readings from the Old Testament, New Testament, Psalms, and Proverbs. This design offers a nice variety to your daily reading.

There is also a version of the One Year Bible in Chronological order. This is a favorite of mine because I prefer to read the Bible in chronological order.

There are many different versions of this Bible to choose from– The One Year Bible – 

Reading the Bible in a short time

Have you ever read the Bible in a short period of time?

Reading the Bible in a short time means you see the whole story instead of bits and pieces. This is especially true if you read it in Chronological order.

Please read this post I wrote all about reading the Bible quickly including my own experience- Binge Read the Bible

Bible Reading Plans

– Bible Gateway Reading Plans – 

-Bible Plans-

-Blue Letter Bible Plans-

 – 70 Bible Reading Plans- 

Read Slowly

You might want a plan designed for reading at a slower pace. Choose a two or three year reading plan. Another option is to read only certain portions of the Bible.

New Testament in a Year

The New Testament in a Year Reading Plan is one option for reading slowly. This is a plan that I designed a couple of years ago and we went through it together here on the blog in 2021. See – Read the New Testament in 2021

Read less than a chapter a day to read the entire New Testament in a year.
Special features of this Plan:
– the books of the New Testament are read in a different order.
– read the gospels throughout the year instead of one after the other
– the slow pace of the plan allows time to read and study without being rushed.
This plan is perfect for you if you want the time to dig deep, meditate on the scriptures, study, pray…
Also good to use if you do not have much time to read since you will only be reading about 20 Chapters each month.

The undated printable plan is available here -New Testament Reading Plan-

Reading Psalms Plan

Read my post about the benefits of daily reading the Psalms here – Psalms in 30 Days

Here is a printable plan for reading the Psalms that can be added to your daily reading along with any other daily Bible reading plan. –Psalms 30-Day Reading Plan

Reading Sections of the Bible

This is an interesting way to read the Bible that offers the most variety. To follow this plan you will divide your Bible into six main sections. The sections are – Law – History – Poetry – Prophets – Gospels & Acts – Letters & Revelation

Read one or as many chapters as you want from each section. Adapt the plan to what suits you.

I read the Bible this way once and enjoyed it very much. I used 6 different colors of ribbon to mark the sections and keep track of where I was in each section of the Bible.

Of course, there are more options for Bible reading plans beyond the ones I have shared with you in this post. You may want to do your own research online by simply typing “Bible Reading Plans” using the search engine you prefer.

Enjoy the process of choosing your plan and gathering your supplies. Let’s be prepared to begin 2023 with a Bible Reading Plan.

Do you have a question about Bible reading plans? Send me an email and I will get back to you quickly. – contact me by email

What Bible reading plan will you be using for 2023? Please comment below

👉Coming up in the next blog post:

I will let you know what plan I intend to use in 2023

Plus, I will be sharing a helpful free printable for you to use for writing notes and observations you have while reading your Bible.

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