Bible reading plan

Ready for 2023

Did you choose a Bible reading plan?

If you do not have a plan and missed the last blog post, go read it now because it has everything you need to find your 2023 Bible reading plan. – Bible Reading Plans for 2023

Once you have selected a Bible reading plan you should also decide if you want to be looking for anything special to take note of while reading. If you want to notice every verse that mentions a certain topic you should decide about that now and be prepared to mark or take notes as you read. You might want to have a notebook to use along with your Bible to record your observations, questions, notes, prayers, and more…Other than a notebook it might be nice to have some other items like highlighters handy. This is the time to decide and gather all that you need.

I have something for you that might be helpful for taking notes while Bible reading. However, any notebook really will work well!

This is a printable Bible reading notes page for you and it is FREE. Simply, download and print. Make as many copies as you like.

Time and Place

Plan the specific time and place for your daily Bible reading time. Don’t think it will just happen. It is too important to not set aside a special time to devote to Bible reading. Also, select a place along with the time to make sure it does indeed happen. Otherwise, other things will crowd in on your day. For myself and probably most people the early morning is best.

Daily Bible Reading

  • Bible
  • Bible reading plan
  • Notebook and/or other optional supplies
  • Time
  • Place

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