Corrie ten Boom

Each New Day

Daily Devotional Book by Corrie ten Boom

One of the first daily devotional books I ever read was Each New Day by Corrie ten Boom. The format of this daily treasure book is perfect for anyone. There is a very short thought from Corrie for each day, a scripture, and a brief prayer. I have read this devotional many times and highly recommend it. My copy of this little book is old and worn but I still love it!

Introduction to Each New Day by Corrie ten Boom

Here’s a short daily message from me, Corrie ten Boom, for Each New Day. There is something from God’s Word for every day. Some words may be of greater impact for you than others, but you should listen every day to what the Holy Spirit wants to say to you through the message. A person is either a missionary or a mission field. Sometimes I wrote for Christians who know that they are called to be the light of the world. On other days God gave me a message about what it means to come to Him.

– Corrie ten Boom, Each New Day

Corrie also suggested questions for readers of her daily devotional

“What about asking yourself some questions after you have read the short remark, text, and prayer:

  • Did this message speak to me today? Why?
  • How can I apply what the Lord was saying to me in my circumstances?
  • Will it cost me something in my home, my work, my church, or society?
  • Does it mean reconciliation, restitution, even tribulation?

I know that the Lord gave me these words. They are from Him who loves you and who spoke through me to you.”

Corrie ten Boom

I am currently reading Each New Day again. I am also sharing excerpts from the devotional over on the Every Day with the King Facebook Page.

Visit Christianbook to purchase a copy of Each New Day in paperback or the new hardback version released in 2020.

Visit the Corrie ten Boom Page to learn more about the author of Each New Day.

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