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The Blessed Life

Book Review: The Blessed Life

Author: Kelly Minter

Publisher: B&H Publishing

The Blessed Life A 90-Day Devotional through the Teachings and Miracles of Jesus

Kelly Minter is well known for her excellent Bible studies and her podcast but this book is her first devotional book.

The Blessed Life arrived on my desk just as I was reading one chapter a day from the gospel of Matthew. As soon as I finished Matthew I began reading this 90-Day Devotional.

Book Description from the back cover:

Imagine how your life might change if you followed Jesus up that Galilean hillside, hearing His most famous Sermon for yourself as you sat in the tall grass. Imagine how the world might change if you followed Him down the mountain, reaching your arms out as He did to a harvest field desperate for His touch.

With accessible, warm, and down-to-earth writing, you don’t have to imagine these things, for beloved author and Bible teacher Kelly Minter brings to life the teachings and healings of Jesus in vivid color. Sharing her own heart along the way, Kelly offers historical elements of Jesus’s day and references the original language when illuminating. The Blessed Life is for anyone willing to take a thoughtful 90-day journey through the mind, heart, and work of Jesus, so they might know Him more deeply and reflect Him more fully.

Go up the mountain to learn.
Go down the mountain and walk accordingly.
You’ll never be the same.

The Blessed Life is a daily devotional book that is divided into two sections. The first 59 days focus on the teachings of Jesus and days 60 – 90 on the miracles of Jesus. The focus stays on Jesus and the devotionals are always in context. I did not read any fluff or filler in this book but instead found much to cause me to pause and think. I think this would be a perfect devotional to turn to while reading the gospels. If you want to study the sermon on the mount you will certainly find this book helpful.

Kelly Minter’s writing style will cause you to easily visualize being there on the hillside. Picture yourself sitting among the people listening intently to the words of Jesus and be changed.

Excerpt from Day 20 – Jesus, The Fulfillment of the Law

See- Matthew 5:17-18

“…But Jesus goes a step further, or maybe I should say a massive leap further. Not only has He not come to abolish the teachings and message of the Old Testament, but He has come to fulfill it (fill it up to completion)…

…This is the part in Jesus’s sermon where we realize the Christian life isn’t primarily about what we do but whose we are. How we live matters, but this will be an outpouring of what Christ has wholly accomplished for us. So simply pause for a minute and receive. Cease striving, and fall back into the arms of a Savior who has fulfilled every demand of God’s Law, once and for all, for you.”

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About Kelly Minter

I would like to thank NetGalley and B&H Publishing for providing a copy of this book.

All opinions are my own. 

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