Fear – Worry – Stress

Fear, worry and stress! There doesn’t seem to be an end in sight. We don’t usually invite them in but they barge into the middle of our lives. Even when we experience victory over these persistent foes, they are sure to return on another day. We need to expect these unwanted attacks. It is possible… Continue reading Fear – Worry – Stress

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Stop Worrying E-Course

About two years ago I wrote a blog series on the subject of worry. See all four parts of  〉〉 The Worry Series I’ve now written some new material containing a strategy for overcoming worry. Who doesn’t have a problem with worry and stress? Would you like some help dealing with this? Stop Worrying is an E-Course… Continue reading Stop Worrying E-Course

Bible Study

Resources and Links 70 Bible Reading Plans Read Thru the Word – Word Up Ministries Community Bible Study  Community Bible Study has 700 Bible study classes throughout the United States. Check out the Find My Class feature for Bible study classes near you. CBS is also active in over 80 countries internationally. Locate class sites around the world… Continue reading Bible Study