book log planner

Book Log Planner

I hope you are reading your Bible on a daily basis. Most likely you are following some type of plan for your Bible reading. If you are not, please take a look at this Bible Reading Plan designed for reading the New Testament in 2021. 

Next week I will post the link to download the February Bible Reading Plan for those who are following the Read the New Testament in 2021 Reading Plan

Do you also allow time in your life for reading in general? 

Are you one of the many people who want to spend more time reading good books in 2021? 

For those who answered yes, I have two suggestions.

  1. Go to Goodreads
  2. Use a book log planner

These suggestions will greatly help you devote more time to reading, become an organized reader and enjoy books more than ever!

I love Goodreads for so many reasons. I am not affiliated in any way but sharing the website with you because it is such a huge value to all readers! It is completely free to all. 

You may not see the need to also use a book log or planner for your reading. I think it is simply a personal preference that suits some but not all readers.

If the idea is appealing to you, please consider the one I recently created.

The new Book Log Planner is available for purchase at the Etsy Shop.

Instant digital download for $3.00 – My Book Log

A few more ideas to enhance your reading life:

  • establish a set time for reading each day
  • make use of your local library (they have e-books & audio also)
  • join a book club group 
book log planner
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