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August 9th is National Book Lovers Day. I think anything to promote reading and appreciation of books is a good thing. Go here to read a few interesting book lover facts and trivia for readers – National Book Lovers Day

If you are like most people who love to read you’ve encountered the problem of smartphones competing for your attention. Once the habit is formed of checking your phone every —– minutes, it continues to barge in no matter what you are doing. Lately there has been some speaking out against the smartphone takeover and screen time of all types. People are sharing the harm it can cause and encouraging people to put limits on time spent focused on any screen.

Please read this great article written about four years ago by one of my favorite authors.
Reading Wars by Philip Yancey

I am hoping to see a renewed interest in books and other activities that many enjoyed before smartphones. 

Here are a few suggestions to consider:

  • Join Goodreads
  • Explore Podcasts and Blogs about reading 
  • Join a book club or group 
  • Reading Resources found on your favorite author’s website

Yes, some of these do involve an internet connection and could possibly add to time spent on your smartphone. This is not my intention by sharing these suggestions. I believe we can use our time wisely and limit online time. 

Do you have a suggestion or a comment about reading?

Please share below 🙂 

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