October Reading Plan

Well here we are in the last days of September.

We are reading the final chapters of Hebrews this week.

The reading plan for October is ready for you.

Download your FREE copy here – 2021 Bible Reading Plan

We will be reading seven short epistles during the month of October. Our reading plan starts with James and Jude. Then we will read 1 & 2 Peter and 1, 2, & 3 John. The optional suggested weekend chapters are all from Proverbs.

What is an Epistle?

The word “epistle” comes from the Greek word epistolé, which means “letter,” “message,” or “dispatch.”
An epistle is a letter but most letters are not epistles. What’s the difference? 
An epistle is a specific type of letter. I found a well-written article on the topic that I think you will find interesting.

Looking Ahead

Reading Plans 

  • November – Revelation
  • December – John

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