One Step Closer Book Review

Book Review for  One Step Closer: How a life-altering accident led me to everything I almost missed
Author: Ryan S. Atkins
Publisher: Binturong Books 


Attempting an ordinary lane change on the highway results in an extraordinary life change for Ryan Atkins. This book is the true-life account of events before and after that day. Ryan’s writing kept my total interest causing me to read this book very quickly. Even though it was a fast read, there is much that I will continue to remember and ponder for a long time. 

This book is powerfully honest. I love the way Ryan explores the hard questions of life and doesn’t sugarcoat anything to make it prettier. 

This book is about unexpected tragedy, struggle, sadness and heartache. But it’s also about a wide range of life lessons, courage, purpose, faith, hope and love. It is about trusting God and His plan for now, tomorrow, and eternity. 

There is a companion guide available online to go along with this book. It would be ideal to use in a group. Ryan also has a blog and other resources to add even more value to all he shares in his book. 

I would suggest reading this with a group because it will easily prompt discussions. 

Ryan's story may be just what you need to discover what matters most—in this life and the next.

-from book description
Visit the author’s website here – Ryan Atkins
Book website here – One Step Closer


I would like to thank NetGalley and the publisher for providing me with a copy of this book in exchange for a review. All opinions are my own.

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