Bible Study Tips
Bible study

Bible Study Tips

4 Helpful Bible Study Tips The 4 Ps Pray Plan Place Persistence Prayer Prayer is the first step to Bible study. First, pray about what God would like you to study. Surround your study time with prayer before and after each Bible study time. Plan Plan is about gathering what supplies will be needed. Where… Continue reading Bible Study Tips

Bible Reading Plans

2022 Bible Reading Plans

2022 is almost here! We have reached the end of the 2021 New Testament Reading Plan.  That means it's time to decide on a reading plan for 2022. It is vitally important that you are in God's Word daily. That's why having a plan is necessary.  I hope you will take the time to prayerfully… Continue reading 2022 Bible Reading Plans



I try to appreciate the special gifts each season of the year brings.Winter offers such a perfect setting for reading by the fire, sipping hot chocolate, enjoying the quiet beauty of falling snow and accepting the invitation to simply rest.But this Winter seems never ending!As I write, we are preparing for another ice storm expected… Continue reading Winter