September Scripture Writing – Week 2

If you are participating in the September Scripture Writing Plan, you know that the main scripture focus this week is in Romans. I hope you are able to take the time to meditate on these verses as you go through your day. All the scriptures in this plan are about the new life of the believer = YOU!

There are so many great verses for scripture memory in the My New Life Plan! I have always struggled with memorizing scripture. How about you?

The advice given for scripture memory is usually

  • Read it
  • Write it
  • Repeat
  • Memorize it
  • Review

Scripture Writing is definitely a help for memorizing scripture!

Do you have any tips for memorizing Bible verses? Please share!

Also are you interested in printable scripture cards? Let me know. Especially if you would like to request a certain verse. I am creating a few that will be available very soon.

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September Scripture Writing Plan

The September Scripture Writing Plan starts in a few days. You can download your free printable now. The theme for the month is My New Life. The Bible verses you will be reading are all about the new life of the believer- that’s YOU!

There is a portion of scripture selected for each of the 30 days of September. As always please take the time to read the surrounding verses or entire chapter to understand the verses in context. So many of the verses in this plan are excellent for scripture memory.

Copy of scripture writing August

If you have never tried the practice of scripture writing, this is the perfect time to start. Reading the scripture for the day and then writing it is a very rewarding practice. It helps you to slow down and focus on a single verse or small portion of scripture. Slowing down gives more opportunity to notice things that might have been missed before. You will find that the practice of writing scripture will help you listen carefully for what God is saying through His word. 

Download a PDF below and print out your copy of the September Scripture Writing Plan.

The first download option is for the full color version and the second is better for black and white printing. Please print for yourself and to share with others. This would be a great time to introduce others to scripture writing.

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Will you be joining us for the 30 Day Scripture Writing Plan?

Questions or comments about the practice of scripture writing?

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Start The Morning

Here we are about to start the month of July already!

If you missed the last blog post you might want to check it out. It includes a free download for calendar pages – July – December 2020

Are you participating in the June and July scripture writing plan?

I hope you will plan to join us for July. Check out the recent blog post for more information including the link to download a copy of the plan.

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Lately, I’ve been starting my mornings by opening the blinds of my second-story bedroom window and then stand there looking out toward the sunrise. Praise and thankfulness naturally happen once my gaze is fixed skyward. This is my brief early morning prayer time. Even if it’s only a very few minutes it seems to get my day going in the right direction. Next, I usually have a short time of Bible reading and scripture writing. Then I head downstairs for coffee!

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How about you?

What’s the first thing you do in the morning?

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